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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hanvon - Android version 2 - GRAB IT NOW

Here is the latest Version,
if you are currently using the Hanvon partition setup,
then do not install, instead run as a live image in VESA mode,

Links Below Have Fun





Dual booting tools

Only use the following software tool if you are using a back up or alternative drive,
configuring the dual boot will completely format your hard drive so backup first

you will need the following files,

link & Link


  1. hi,

    Really great blog you have!

    I would really like to install andriod to HDD. I'm at the point where I can boot to the Andriod install from A USB and select install to HDD but I'm at a loss as to which sda to select.

    The install prog lists sda1,2,3 and 4. I hadmy HDD partitioned into 4, C,D,E and X - which I created for Andriod. I booted inthe install program and took a chance and installed to sda 4. This destroyed my 'd' drive and didnt even install Andriod or grub.

    When I select 'create/modify partions' in the andriod install I just get a Fatal Error - Partition ends after end-of-cylinder' or similar.

    Can you point me in the right direction to get this installed?

    i really dont want to destory my windows partition!


  2. you need to setup the partition first,
    set first partition for android and then install windows onto the 2nd partition,
    then install android onto the first partition with grub - boot order...

  3. If I moved the windows partion, using something like partition magic, would it work?

    Assuming I did that, would I select sda1 in the Android setup?


  4. download the doc and software tool,
    all the info for setting it up is there...

  5. Please excuse my ignorance - but where is doc and software tool?


    under the android download link

  7. Has anybody managed to get this working?

    I have both windows and android now installed but android wont boot, I can select it in grub but it gets to a point where it's displaying 'waiting . . . . . . #' and does nothing. After downloading the android iso again and reinstalling it get's past the 'waiting . . . . . #' screen but only as far as displaying '_' in the top left corner.

    Another major issue is the fact that grub doesnt recognise the rocker switch as up/down therefore unless you have a USB keyboard plugged in and can select windows, it's booting into android. Well it's trying to boot into android!

    gonna try downloading the older iso now to see if that works... but I'm not hopeful especially seeing as the rocker switch doesn't work.

  8. yes..can you show how to install it?thx

  9. had same issue
    debug mode worked
    possable sd issue (i dont have one in)

    wireless seems to does/doesnt work
    i've also had running on linuxmint ubuntu archlinux
    touch wasnt quite there

    windows has been wiped, as too fidely and screen issues

  10. opps debug mode works, just type exit for each prompt

  11. Hello,

    I have now downloaded and installed the Android Software. With a different way, because I wantet not to loose my data. I have mounted a virtual CD with Deamon Tool and created a virtual machine with virtualbox. So now, I have Android running on my Hanvon.

    But, I cannot use the touchpad, only the external keyboard. What's going wrong?

  12. hi, im having the problem where it boots to a _ in the top left corner, then nothing else happens. any ideas?

  13. that is a issue with display resolution,
    run in vesa model,
    or use a newer grub version,

    DJACID -
    could you pls give me the Froyo Build you had up earlier,
    i was just about to download it and the link and your thread disappeared..

  14. The _ in the top left corner

    read notes from 14 november
    use debug mode

  15. The Froyo build was half baked so wasnt perfect,
    the video kernel kept crashing so it was pointless to leave the froyo build up for downloads,
    so i removed the entrie thread,

    currently thinking about going with Windows 7 embedded,
    which if installed onto the Hanvon should increase battery by 1hr at least...

  16. Arch linux worked the best for touch input
    ubuntu 10.10 has touch response but usage sucks (two fingers and works back to front)

    gpointingdevice is ment to let you setup touch, but all linux vesions segmentaion fault

    Windows is too fidally with no way to move screen if buttons are off (linux you can change fonts and everything auto adjusts, windows is MORE off screen)

    wireless & bluetooth dont work in any versions

    current wireless/ethernet/bluetooth working via plug in usb devices

    seems there are also different versions of BC10C
    Saw a video with wireless & bluetooth switch on side
    (mine doesnt)

    will have another go if another android build (love to use it as an android)

    currently being used as a portable linux box (plug monitor, usbhub and devices) :(

  17. did you try the linux 3DSP drivers,

    Meego also now works with touch but i think it is single touch only not sure,

    With Windows 7 you can change the size of the front and buttons,
    i have adjusted the scroll bar size, caption buttons and the front,
    much better to use now,

    the earlier models did have the switch on the side,
    all the demo units i saw had the switch but once the units for release the switch was removed,
    also there are 2 cpu types the celeron and the core solo,

  18. Hi there! First of all: Great Work. First Androidx86 Version i found on web which makes my Touchscreen working! BUT: there is no "Back" Button available within Android. As soon as i enter a menue in Android, i can't switch back. My Button at the Pad Case is just for "Enter / OK".
    What would you propose?
    Thanks for the good Work!

  19. It is also a Win7 atom N450 Tablet PC. China, No Name :) Similar to Hanvon. Looks like Hanvon, but without the Buttons at the left side. I just got a Menu Button and Lower/Rise Brightness Buttons.
    The Menu Button is like "OK" at your Androidx86 Version and the Brightnessbuttons act as scroll up scroll down. The Guys from lay some Softbuttons (Back, Home, Menue) on the Stausbar. That would help me, but i really don't know how to do that :(

  20. So my idea was, if you could perhaps copy this existing feature from the guys to your Version of Androidx86. You have the Experience in doing that, as i could see. Then i would have a working Version of Androidx86. Because all of your features are working with my table (camera, Wifi, Touchscreen), just these lousy Back Button is Missing ^^ Would you please do that for me?

  21. By the way, this is my tablet:
    Scroll down until you find a:
    "10,1" Multi-Touch Tablet PC 1,66GHz Win7 WIFI/3G/Bluetooth" Tablet

  22. Good news: after hours of searching the internet, i found a solution. There is an App available, to change the function of the hardware buttons. For all people with the same problem,here´s the link to this app:
    If this does not work, there is another, but not so comfortable solution: install the "quick exit" app. This will put a soft home button to the status bar.

  23. Hi there. Which Wlan driver did you implement? 3dsp? I also have a 3dsp adapter installed in my tablet pc, but cannot connect to my Wlan, although the tablet pc finds the network. Is this a problem because i run it for testing via livemode, or a general problem?

  24. Use the 2nd build,
    After enabling the wifi wait a few seconds,
    Then it should work,

  25. Japp, it works. Excellent. The only thing which won't work is the Brightness and the Sleep Mode. What a pitty, thats not good for the accu :)

  26. So is there a Solution for the Brightness topic? How else can the Brightness be adjusted?

  27. the brightness only works with the brightness buttons,
    but a widget might help,
    not sure which,

  28. found to be able to go back
    just press button on side

    bit of a pain, but works

  29. Great , it is working. Please advise how can I access the menu?

  30. which menu????
    are you talking about the settings menu???

  31. Hi, is there any solution for

    "Has anybody managed to get this working?

    I have both windows and android now installed but android wont boot, I can select it in grub but it gets to a point where it's displaying 'waiting . . . . . . #' and does nothing. After downloading the android iso again and reinstalling it get's past the 'waiting . . . . . #' screen but only as far as displaying '_' in the top left corner."

    Debug is not working for me. Will we see a third build?

    N1 Blog DJ

  32. Well I tried the differnt values to set video modes
    but could never get any of them to work

    the debug mode would work but defeats purpose having to say yes or no at prompts

    once there wasnt happy with video resolution. no wireless, back button would work, but would go back through each step and not to main screen

    still sounds like some are running slightly differnt bc's

    for record, min is bc10C celeron running lates bios

  33. Is the new test build interesting for the Hanvon B10?

  34. downloading now
    will let ya know

  35. cool.... works better than meego... lol...

    but some troublesome...
    no back button... (esc button on keyboard work)
    wifi issue...
    brightness also...
    and the is no shutdown button... maybe a widget can solve it... but since there're no wifi... it's mean no internet also....

    good job...

  36. "currently thinking about going with Windows 7 embedded,
    which if installed onto the Hanvon should increase battery by 1hr at least... "

    i did it... i was thinking about that also...
    but... seem that's didn't work... lol... i tried it.. but, eveen worst... it makes my tablet works only for less than 1 hour... :))

    did the battery life increasing, when u used android?

    maybe repacking battery the only solutions.... -___-"

  37. try out the windows compact version,
    its more suited for tablet and touch systems,

  38. Hallo Android Profis.
    Can someone of you write a summary of how to get Android on Hanvon B10? I am not as good as the most of you and can't get it work. But, when someone of you will write a short summary with all steps to do, I think there are many other peoples, who will understand how to.
    Tanks a lot.

  39. only run this in live mode at the moment,
    the menu used from from 2.1 which causes the flashing cursor,

    we will be better of waiting for now and then build on android 3.0,
    its more tablet friendly,
    and i already know one group you will be trying to get the 4500m vide card working...

  40. Hey Djacid,

    Any update on this?

    I've tried a couple of the 2.2 builds and while they will run in 'normal' live mode, i.e. not vesa there's not touch or wireless as is to be expected.

    I got an android a phone a few weeks ago and love it, it would be perfect for the hanvon.



  41. Hallo, Djacid,

    is there anyway to get the wifi works?
    and also is there any software to keep the home button on top? cause when i click an program, i can't get back without my esc button on hard keyboard...

  42. No updates at the moment,

    the esc key on the size does work,
    or you can add a top bar or widget with home button